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Grandfather Clock Pro is a family business that is born out of the dedication and passion of Dwayne, the owner and the main serviceman of the company.

He is an experienced craftsman who can repair your grandfather clock and make it good as new. He can even do the grandfather clock moving and packing in Clearwater, Bradenton, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and many areas in FL.

He has the passion and the dedication to bring your clock to its original condition. He will always want to save your clock. If there will be additional expense, Dwayne or Tyler will explain the problem and the cost. They will give you any advice they can. Any clock can be fix, sometimes it might not be worth it to you, but remember you always have to figure the sentimental value. When it comes to grandfather repair, moving, and packing, you can always trust Dwayne.

Another member of the family who also has the passion to provide quality service to every customer is Tyler, Dwayne’s son. He is the future of the business and works hand in hand with his dad. He can do routine maintenance and repairs just as good as Dwayne. He likes clock repair very much and he always put his heart in everything he does.

Lastly, Margo (aka Mom and Grandma) is the face of the company. She offers friendly and reliable customer service. She handles the book work and efficiently schedule client appointments. She has been in the clock repair industry for over 20 years. Her experience helps clients to figure out what they need the most. If you need assistance and questions about grandfather clock moving, packing, or repair service, she is ready to assist.

To know more about the business in Clearwater, Bradenton, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and many areas in FL, contact us today.

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Margo (aka Mom and Grandma) is customer service, schedules your appointment and handles the book work. She will always be your first contact with the company. She has been in the customer service of three different clock repair services for over twenty years. She can answer lots of your questions and give us insight to your problems.

Dwayne is the Owner and Service Man who will make sure your clock runs as well as it possibly can. He will also tell you if he can't fix it with out more expense, and help you make the decision about where to go next. He always will want to save the clock, any clock can be repaired even made like new again. He trained under a master clock maker and has taken numerous on line training classes. Even master clock makers can forget to teach you something so the more exposure you have the better. He has learned different techniques from the classes that help him everyday.

Dwayne has owned a couple of different business in his short 46 years. He started laying carpet when he was 16 as a summer job. That eventually turned into his own flooring business with several employees. He owned a restoration business for RVs. The one principle he has always had work hard and give the customer their money's worth. Treat people like you would want your family treated.

Tyler is the future of the business, He works hand and hand with his dad. He has taken a lot of the same courses Dwayne has. He can do routine maintance and some repairs but he is learning more every day. Of all the things he could do, he likes the clock repair best.

When he was racing dirt bikes and collecting one hughe trophy after another, he thought about motorcycle mechanics, We think he just doesn't want to get that dirty any more. He is mechanical and could do any thing he sets his mind to.

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Margo (aka Mom and Grandma) is customer service, schedules your appointment and handles the book work...

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